Desert Rats

The Team

They only had so much time to get to the trails and this wasn’t cutting it. So they put together a team of mountain bikers, desert moto racers, truck nerds, and experienced engineers to make a product that would get there faster, and make their trucks look better in the process.

The team spent 2 years developing what would now become the Boundry TrailBreaker. Every iteration would be put on their trucks, and if it didn’t get them there faster, it went back to the lab. Lap after lap in the desert proved what wasn’t going to work, and what was. It wasn’t until they felt like they could drive the truck like it was empty that the racks were finally production ready. No exceptions. Materials changed, designs changed, but the mission was certain - Get there, faster, and look good doing it.


Hold On Tight!

That’s who we are; we’re a team of desert rats that want to make the most of our free time, and we care about our gear. We don’t want to go slow. We want to take care of our trucks. And that’s how we design products; to get you there faster. No exceptions. No more ‘well, I guess that works’. Nope, just unadulterated pure desert freedom, regardless of what you’re carrying. 

So when you’re buying Boundry, that’s what you’re getting - years of precision put into a rack to make your getting-to-the-trails the best experience it possibly can be. You could call it peace, joy, freedom, stoke, whatever. As long as your stuff stays in your truck, we don’t care what you call it.