TrailBreaker Moto Mount

Short Bed Motocross Riders Unite! Put the tailgate up. Tow a trailer. Bring a friend. Do things you couldn’t do before while moving your dirt bike. Oh, it makes your dirt bikes look good too!

Designed to fit any dirt bike into any length of truck-bed with the tailgate up

  • For use with TrailBreaker© Rack ONLY
  • Includes Moto Mount, 2 Control Arms (for tie down points) & 2 Tie Downs
  • Requires 2 people for loading / unloading
  • Design optimized to carry all dirt bikes while minimizing movement within tires, suspension, and all other moving parts
Regular price $250.00 USD
Sale price $250.00 USD Regular price $250.00


• Materials: Full Aluminum Construction for maximized strength to weight ratio
• Weight: 10lbs
• Weight Capacity: 300lbs
• Warranty: Limited 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Tough Enough For Any Dirt Bike

    Dirt Bikers like to drive how they ride. There’s usually dirt between their house and the unload spot too. We understood the assignment; the TrailBreaker Moto Mount is strong enough to handle whatever bike you can throw in there, and get it to your spot without dumping it out the back.

  • Bring Your Friend

    It’s more than likely you’re using this system to carry multiple bikes in the same bed with a closed gate. If you’re in good company, you’ll have good help. In the words of one of our drivers, “I’ll never leave my tailgate open again.”

  • Pro Tip: Pop it Up

    If you find that your fender hits your tailgate, pop a 2x4 or two underneath to give it a little more clearance. We find that one board hits the sweet spot.